Thank to

I kindly invite, who would be able to provide further information, contact me. Thanks.

I thank those who have helped me and/or helping me, in any way, to bring forward my research; in particular:

  • Paolo Tamò;

  • My father  Ivo Delcò, aunt  Bruna Pedrazzoli, aunt Bianca Pedrazzi and all the relatives for the additional information;

  • Gabriele Delcò and Paola Delcò for the additional information;

  • Cristina and Edio Delcò for the forms translations;

  • Carlo Delcò of factory Mobili Delcò SA (Delcò mobles) of St. Antonino for the family tree done by Delcò Claudio "Claudin" ;

  • Giovanni Naghiero of the The diocesan administration (Episcopate Curia) for the precious research;

  • The civil archives (Birth, marriage, death) of the different districts for the valuable information;

  • Tracy Callister - USA for information on migration and other data

  • My wife, for his patience during the absences in the State Archive or at PC!

  • All those that, though not appointed personally, contributed to enrich this search