Situation and diary of the research the stages of the work of reconstruction of the history and the family tree of the family

I started my research on August 30 2000 after receiving a first version of family tree. It was the family tree that from my generation was up to my Great-great parents (1847). The document was created by a cousin of my father, Paolo (Paul) Tamò, very probably based on family stories. The scheme contains only the first and last names of family members without other genealogical data. However, for me, this document, in addition have stimulated my interest in the field, has been an essential help for a more thorough search.

  • With the data of Paolo (Paul) Tamò and related additions and corrections, the archivist of the Curia Espiscopate of Lugano, he could give me the much more complete work, that part from 1601 about with all the breeding until 1940. The archive of the Curia indeed collects microfilm made around the 1980s by the community of Utah Mormon's (USA). The data after the 1940 are available from the various parishes.

  • Towards the end of 2001, during a conference on my profession I met Stefano Delcò who permitted me to enter in contact with his father Gabriele through which I could be in possession and make the photographs of an ancient family tree, done in wood and cardboard by Silvio Delcò (said claudin), founder of the mobile factory Delcò.

  • In order to complete the work with precise dates I have made a tour of several cemeteries where I shot the photos of gravestones of belonging to the family. Cemeteries of Daro, Bellinzona, Monte Carasso, Carasso, Gudo, Gnosca, Arbedo, Castione, Lumino,  San Vittore and Roveredo (GR).

  • Through Internet I found the addresses of the families delcò abroad and, more important still, I managed to climb to delcò (Delco) migrants in the USA to the top of the 1900s (1913-New York). This track will be followed with enthusiasm not just my time is will. should be very careful because delcò in the USA loses the emphasis and becomes Delco and confused with the Delco of different origins: italian (Sicily: Agrigento and Canicattì), Greek (delcos), from a change of name from the Delcourt to Delco, etc.

  • I sent a letter and a form of data request to all Delcò in Ticino, Switzerland and to all Delcò that I found over the borders, in Europe and USA.

  • I inserted in the database few data which, I have been shipped on forms that I sent previously.

  • I am while refining the data already known and inserted in the tree thanks to information and stories of people who encounter or who visit this web site.

  • I am verifying the data after combining those in my possession with the registers of "Role of the population"* at the State Archive.  *) Civil register of Birth, marriage and death

  • I am consolidating the searches around one of the branches emigrated in the USA (contacts in the early months of 2009).

  • Continuation with general research works and, thanks to the site and MyHeritage and Family Tree builder, with advanced search functionality and comparison (with other family trees online), found a lot of information on collateral branches (female lineages) and several in addition to the data entered. (2012/2013)