Delcò's family coat of arms

The family coat of arm is described together with a description of the origins of the surname, in the Archive of Arms of Lugano. On the basis of these indications then the Atelier of Arms of Lamone has painted on my committee, January 2, 1998, the coat of arms presented here, describing it as a "coat of arms used by the family."

"In red, gold lion passant on a green terrace, at the head of silver
against three
black stars"

In a research paper manuscript of the Archives of Arms, Arch. Gaston Gambin, hence the "Description #2 of the surname", the family coat of arms (referred to as "coat of arms used by the family") is described as "... against three black battlements", while in the fair copy written in machine June 19, 1945, the version with the three battlements has been replaced with the version, also echoed the Atelier of Arms of Lamone who designed it with three stars.

During a conversation with the famous Ticino araldic researcher Carlo Maspoli, from Lugano, he has confirmed to me the strangeness of this element. Usually, the stars in a coat of arms, can denote colors like gold, silver, blue or red, but black has never seen. From a correspondence of February 13, 2010 with the latter, however, emerges as the emblem in question, although currently the historical origins are not well established, it is still valid. Maspoli cites "... better to be the initiator of the simple and undeserved heir of a coat of arms ..."

Details on the coat of arm

May 18, 2003 I turned to Professor Ottavio Lurati, rector Professor of Linguistics at the University of Basel and well-known author of books and research on place names Ticino and Lombardy. In my letter I asked to Lurati if it was correct to consider the description #2 as an antecedent to description #1, among other things made ​​by him and contained in his book "Why do we call in that way"

Close to retirement Professor Lurati invited me to speak to one of his students as a reference for my research, Veronica Carmine from Giubiasco which I asked the same questions, also indicating that the materials of the then Archive Heraldic led by the late architect Gaston Gambin shall be deposited with the State Archives in Bellinzona

The answers given to me by Mrs. Carmine my first and subsequent correspondence can be summarized as follows

  • The research focuses on whether the family name Delcò belongs to the type of place names cognominale (microterritorio: the ends of the country) or category of trades and positions (caput, De Capitis). According to the data found by Mrs. Carmine, you can guess the name belongs to the category of place names: A name that has the power to "tell" the configuration of the territory of a community occurred through the settlement of this family in the country-. In this case you could use the term "district of language", that is an area - which in this case was to be located at the beginning of the country - markedly for many families precisely Delcò and their property.

  • The parish registers of births, marriages and deaths were introduced only towards the end of the seventeenth century in Ticino, in response to the obligation decreed by the Council of Trent.
    On the first record is clear swing from the Latin spoken language and the way in which notaries and priests transcribed the names: De Capitis, Del Cho ', Delcho, Del-cò,

  • The practice "Delcò" of the then Heraldic Archive consists primarily of answering letters from individuals who are trying to shed light on the origins of the surname as myself. It 'worth noting that the Archive of Arms tried to propose a new family coat of arms, but it has not been proved.

  • A document, undated, Patrician of Daro indicates the family Del-alias De-Capitis as patrician family of Daro that between 1400 to 1600 resided in the Castle [sic] of Schwyz in Bellinzona, coming from Malvaglia. There is no feedback on the name and / or life in castles "Bellinzona Ducale" (G. Chiesi) or in "Ticino Ducale" or in "News from the sixteenth century (Tarilli, Publisher Dadò, Locarno, 1993).

  • The news of the description #2 are extrapolated from a manuscript of the Archives (note Heraldic Archive) whose author "Lippo" published in Corriere del Ticino (1930-1940) articles about families Ticino. Mrs. Carmine shows as possible to retrieve the documents cited in the description 2 (A. Bassetti, A. Pometta, Sommaruga, Lippo, etc..). For this article we shall have to see if it will be indicated literature sources.

Updated on: June 1, 2010